Mobile concrete mixer SR350

Our smallest compact model SR-350 is a fully automatic mixing plant with Simotec PLC control, 1 bunker for sand/gravel and automatic cement and water dosing.
The mixer is mounted on three load cells.
The mixing plant is permanently mounted on a chassis that is approved for speeds of up to 80 km/h.
Simotec batch computer ensures that the weighing is within 2-3% by weight.
The mixer is a high-performance planetary mixer with a rotating vortex.
This powerful mixer is both fast and intense, giving a mix time after water addition of approximately 30 seconds for most types of concrete.
The mixing system is equipped with an independent diesel generator. The power supply can either come from your own generator system or be converted to fixed current. Ie. The plant can be described as a hybrid.

Suitable for all types of concrete, but especially for HGT, mortar, etc.


Automatic control
Simotec PLC with touch screen
User-friendly computerized PLC control. The mixing cycle is fully automatic and initiated by a single “ON” switch. The mixing process takes 2-3 minutes depending on the desired mixing recipe. The touchscreen display enables the ongoing mixing process to be monitored. An onboard printer provides full documentation for each mix, identified by a unique batch number and showing the weight of each aggregate/cement, water and additive. An optional remote control can be installed for improved operational efficiency and convenience. All components in the panel correspond to a high industrial standard.
The mixing computer controls aggregate bunker, cement silo, water pump.
Approx. 25 concrete recipes can be saved and called up.


Technical specifications

Mixing plant on chassis approx. 6.20m x 2.26m x 2.47m
Mixing performance 5-10 m³/h
Total empty weight approx. 3.5 t.
Total weight loaded approx. 4.5 t
Aggregate bunker for sand/gravel mixture 1 piece a 1.25-!.5 m3
Cement silo for small bags approx. 100 liters
High-quality planetary mixer max 0.3 m³ / batch
Motor size of the mixer 7.5 KW
Control Simotec weighing and dosing terminal
Electrical connection with generator in soundproofed housing
Perkins Stage V engine
Stamford Generator 21Kva
Water tank with pump 100 L
Water connection ¾” water hose
High-pressure cleaner 3 kW, 160 bar (option)
Color standard, white Ral 9010