Mobile mixer ST1500

Mobile concrete mixing plant on semi-trailer with its own power generator


Our semi-trailer compact model is a fully automatic system with Siemens control, 4 bunkers for sand/gravel and automatic cement and water dosing and with its own power generator


The mixer is mounted on three load cells which are supported by a rigid steel frame.

Siemens  Batch computer ensures that weigh out is within 1-2 % by weight.

The mixer  is a high effiency planetary mixer with one rotating mixing star.

This power full mixing action is both fast and thorough , results in a mixing time , after  water is  added , of 30 seconds or less for most types of concrete


Automatic control equipment

SiemensPLC with touch screen


User-friendly computerised control. Fully documented mix and discharge cycle is fully automated and initiated by single “ON” switch.  The mixing cycle lasts 2-3 minutes dependent upon required; mix recipe, slump etc. Panel display enables mixing process to be monitored whilst in progress. An integral printer provides full documentation for each mix, identified by unique batch number and lists weights of each aggregate/cement, water and additive(s). Optional remote control can be fitted for improved operating efficiency and convenience. All components within the panel are standard industrial supply.

The mixer computer controls the aggregate hoppers, cement silo(s), conveyer belts and water/additive pumps. In excess of 25 concrete mix recipes may be stored and recalled.

Capacity of the mixers is normed for 4 aggregate and 1 additive . by use of more aggregate the capacity will fall.

Printer: adopts USB interface, you can adjust it as you need.


  • Display and control console with integrated manual operation
  • Waterdosing with flow meetering
  • Optimized follow-up separate for each recipe
  • Tolerances +/- 2%
  • Rough/ fine dosing
  • Weigh display
  • Self monitoring weighing electronic




Technical data


Mobile mixing plant on semi-trailer                                approx. L 13.5 m x W 2.5 m x H 3.9 m

Mixing capacity                                                              30- 40 m³/h

Empty weight approx.                                                    12 t.

Aggregate hopper with conveyor belt                         4 pieces a 3.5 m3

Dosing of cement                                                           cement screw

High-quality planetary mixer                                      up to 1.2 m³ / batch

Motor size of the mixer                                                  45 KW

Control Siemens                                                            S1500 with touch screen- 25 recipe

Power generator                                                            130 kVA

Dosing of water                                                              with water metering

Water tank with pump and water metering             2,000 L

Water connection                                                           C- hose connection

High-pressure cleaner                                                   4 KW, 160 bar

Air compressor                                                              2.2 kW, 10 bar

Color standard,                                                              white Ral 9010

Concrete conveyor belt                                                 12m long (as an option)

Cement screw                                                                4.5 m, Ø 220 mm ( som option )

Additive volumetric dosing                                             (option )


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